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-Peace 2013
.like I said before, these may be the most personal photos I’ve taken, purely because this series is a body-study. Meaning I wanted shots that emphasized close ups of the body showcasing its beauty as well as the texture of skin. I wanted shots that reflected a sense of calmness and privacy. Although I’ve never been one to keep quiet about my personal life, these photos appear more mysterious or unique than my other photoshoots. For the title, “Peace,” at first was just to single out my necklace but the more I thought about it, the more I felt the title fit perfectly because for once, I am finally at peace with my body. No longer worrying about if I’m too skinny, no more pressure to gain weight for muscle. The only voice of reason to do anything to my body is my own, and it’s going to stay that way. I love being able to fit various clothes from random stores, and I love being able to wear whatever I please no matter which gender they’re designed for. I dress to impress myself and nobody else. And to emphasize that I decided to go for a sepia color scheme again but not as thick and dark as my series, “Back to Basics.” But also like that series, sunlight was the only source of light, which made the photographs more stunning and genuine. I’d like a lot of feedback on this one, so gimme whatcha got! -D▽


.just a mini series i’ve been wanting to do for awhile! .as you all know, i’m incredibly inspired by aurora borealis, space and clouds but i never really experiemented with them with photos so that’s how this came about .keeping the colors bright, i wanted to stray away from dark atmospheres for now .these colores seemed just right for a first time mixing and matching photos with one another .i always see people photoshopping amazing galazy backgrounds so i wanted to take a crack at it and i’ve fairly happy with these! .i can totally see me doing more of these, but until then i’ll keep these -D▽


.otay, so me and my best friend since elementary school are spongebob lovers and in the movie this is our favorite scene .when spongebob and patrick got drunk off of ice cream they become angered and disillusioned and start yelling WAITER! .my friend recently had a beautiful baby boy and she sent me a photo of him that reminded her of this scene and i just had to illustrate him into the photo #SpongebobMemories #DVart


If you don’t like the color of your jacket then just make the picture black and white. Black looks good with everything. See, this is what happens when I stay up all night—I take outside selfies at 6:30 in the morning.

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